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Americans Want Energy Independence, Economic Impact Assessments Before Enactment Of New Energy Legislation, And Significant Role For America's Energy Producers In Biden’s "Build Back Better" Plan

In this article, Derrick Hollie, an expert on energy poverty issues, discusses the latest TIPP Poll findings on energy independence, economic impact assessment, and the role America's energy producers must play in President Biden's "Build Back Better Plan."

Energy PLant Workers

Before enacting new legislation and regulations, Americans want an economic impact assessment for all affected communities. Americans overwhelmingly favor energy independence and for the country to not rely on foreign oil, and think America's energy producers must play a significant role to "Build Back Better."

These are three key findings of a TIPP Poll conducted for Reaching America, an organization that addresses complex social issues impacting African American communities today.

1. Americans Agree: Energy Independence Is Critical

An overwhelming share of the public (81%) believes that it is critical to maintain U.S. energy independence and not rely on foreign oil. Such an agreement is exceedingly rare in a polarized country.  It is heartening to see Americans of all political stripes and ideologies embrace energy independence and reject reliance on foreign countries.  All parties and ideologies share the sentiment:

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