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China Policy, School Openings, Media Negativity, The Pro-Achievement Principle, Upcycling, And Pandemic Leadership

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We want to thank our readers for their overwhelming encouragement and support. Leading political websites, such as RealClearPolitics, regularly feature our stories, and the response to our concept of independent polling has been overwhelming.

Dr. Deb Bright, a success coach for CEOs, a stress expert, and a TechnoMetrica client, has joined our tippinsights team. She is working on a series of articles to help us grow.

We are working on our China series, Afghanistan, immigration, media, taxes, among others, for the next few weeks.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the six stories we've assembled for you.

Please send me an email at or call me at 201-803-6491 if you have any suggestions, story ideas, or research requests.

Thank you!

America’s China Policy And Public Opinion
In this article, we summarize the recent I.C. report, Biden’s public statements about China, and American public opinion on US-China policy.
Parents Prefer In-Person Instruction Despite High Satisfaction With Online Learning
Despite their high satisfaction with online learning, parents prefer in-school education for their children, according to our recent survey.
When Negativity Rules The Media
According to a Dartmouth College study, the mainstream U.S. media is overwhelmingly negative in its coverage of COVID. We examine the report and why the media tends to focus on the negative aspects of the news.
The Pro-Achievement Principle: Cultivate Personal Skills For Creating Value
Dr. Deb Bright, a leading success coach for CEOs, presents here important concepts from her latest book, The Pro-Achievement Principle, in this first of a series. You, too, can benefit from her knowledge and become a Pro-Achiever!
Upcycling And Doing More With Less On Buckminster Fuller’s Spaceship Earth: Real-Life Examples
Bob Austin illustrates doing more with less on Buckminster Fuller’s spaceship earth with three real-life examples.
Comparison Of Pandemic Leadership Based On Unemployment And Death Rates
In this article, we look at how the leaders of the 50 states and the District of Columbia handled the pandemic using unemployment and death rates as the yardsticks. According to our findings, Vermont, Utah, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire are the best on our metrics.