Public Backs Vaccine Mandates

Public Backs Vaccine Mandates

With the economy opening up, employers and businesses are likely to mandate or require that employees and customers are vaccinated against Covid. The IBD/TIPP Poll shows that most Americans are in favor of the move.

Raghavan Mayur
Raghavan Mayur

Companies, colleges, cafes, churches, cruises et al. are upping pressure on employees, students, customers, worshipers, etc., to get vaccinated and/or disclose their Covid vaccine status as they attempt to reopen. More than half, over 60% of Americans are in favor of the move.

A recent Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP Poll posed questions regarding various entities requiring or mandating vaccination to over 1300 Americans. More than two-thirds of respondents supported the move by the travel industry, educational institutions, employers, entertainment venues, and other businesses/places to press for vaccinations among their customers and employees.

We asked to what extent they supported the move to make vaccination mandatory or a requirement. The majority of Americans support the idea.

The data reads –

  • 66% - Travel providers such as airlines, cruises, and hotels mandating vaccination of travelers
  • 66% - Schools and colleges mandating that students are vaccinated to attend classes in-person
  • 63% - Employers requiring vaccinations of employees
  • 63% - Venues such as stadiums, theaters, and churches mandating vaccination of attendees
  • 60% - Stores, restaurants, and gyms requiring vaccination of customers
TIPP Poll Support For Vaccine Mandates In The United States - Chart

Since vaccines provide protection for oneself and others around, employers and business owners are putting pressure to ensure a safe place for doing business.

Support and opposition vary measurably between various demographic groups surveyed. Seniors, urbanites, men, and the highest income bracket $75K+ were more supportive, in general, of the move.

Those from rural areas and women showed the most reluctance to accept such mandates.

Business owners, employers, and service providers are responsible for ensuring a safe working and business environment. Towards this goal, the demand to know vaccine status is only going to rise. In addition, international financial institutions are compelling staff to disclose their vaccine status.

New guidelines from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) state that employers are legally permitted to ask workers for their vaccination status and can require them to be vaccinated if they enter the workspace. Exceptions can be granted on medical and religious grounds.

But, as the IBD/TIPP Poll survey found, 26% of Americans are unwilling to take the Covid vaccine, with 16% refusing to take the vaccine at all. The move to make vaccines mandatory for employees/customers and require them to disclose their vaccine status is likely to see some pushback. One such instance has already been in the news.

Houston Methodist hospital hit the news when 200 of its employees were suspended for failing to get fully vaccinated before the June 7 deadline. A lawsuit brought by over a hundred of the suspended staff was dismissed by a federal judge, indicating that the administration and the judiciary will take a tough stand to ensure the success of the Covid vaccine drive.

Vaccine skepticism and resistance have shown a markedly political slant. As an extension, support and opposition for the mandatory move are also delineated along party lines.

Democrats showed much more support for a mandatory measure to ensure vaccine compliance than Republicans. While support from the Democrats hits the early 80s range, Republicans polled only close to the halfway mark. Independent’s data also remained close to Republican numbers.

TIPP Poll Support For Vaccine Mandates By American Ideologies - Chart

With political ideology, too, there is a noticeable difference. While the conservatives polled in the 50s, the moderates offered more support – with their numbers well into the 60s. Liberals were the most supportive of the move, with around 80% in favor.

American Support For Vaccine Mandates By Ideology, TIPP Poll - Chart

While some may claim that vaccination is a personal issue and not disclosing vaccine status is a matter of privacy, it may not find overwhelming support in the current scenario.

The widespread support for strict measures is understandable, given that many people see vaccinations as a tool for bringing the pandemic under control.

Anjali Krishnan contributed to the report.

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