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Public Backs Vaccine Mandates

With the economy opening up, employers and businesses are likely to mandate or require that employees and customers are vaccinated against Covid. The IBD/TIPP Poll shows that most Americans are in favor of the move.

Women getting vaccinated in car

Companies, colleges, cafes, churches, cruises et al. are upping pressure on employees, students, customers, worshipers, etc., to get vaccinated and/or disclose their Covid vaccine status as they attempt to reopen. More than half, over 60% of Americans are in favor of the move.

A recent Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP Poll posed questions regarding various entities requiring or mandating vaccination to over 1300 Americans. More than two-thirds of respondents supported the move by the travel industry, educational institutions, employers, entertainment venues, and other businesses/places to press for vaccinations among their customers and employees.

We asked to what extent they supported the move to make vaccination mandatory or a requirement. The majority of Americans support the idea.

The data reads –

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