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COVID19 Pandemic Prodding Many Americans To Move

This article discusses pandemic-related migration, its significance, the reasons for relocations, and destinations.

Family moving in together

One in four (28%) has relocated or plans to move within the next twelve months due to the pandemic.  13 percent have already relocated, and another 15 percent plan to relocate within the next 12 months, a recent TIPP Poll shows.

Moving appears to be a critical strategy for adjusting to the pandemic-induced 'new normal' among Americans.

Though fear of infection was the primary motivation for relocations during the first months of the lockdown, the reasons appear to have changed over the last year.

Why It Matters?

The pandemic migration has more profound implications.  Here are a few.

  • Political Consequences. Arizona turned blue in the 2020 presidential election helped my migration from California. If the inflow persists, it will become deep blue.
  • Economic Consequences. Outflow from New York city is eroding its tax base.
  • Real estate. Certain urban areas have seen home prices fall as residents flee, while certain suburbs have seen a sharp increase due to inflow.
  • Job opportunities. The work at home concept got a boost from the pandemic. Now businesses are more open-minded to hire employees across the country.

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