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President Trump's Social Media Platform Has A Good Chance of Success

This article discusses the desire of Americans to join former President Trump's new social media platform.

Former President of the united States Donald Trump

Some of President Trump's detractors are already nervous and are attempting to talk his efforts down.

Here's one example, a story that appeared in Business Insider on Saturday headlined, " Trump's plan to start his own social media platform is doomed to failure, say experts."

Data trumps expert opinion. We present our data here and invite you to decide for yourself.

Likelihood Of Joining The Platform

Four out of ten (40%) in our latest TIPP Poll conducted late March-early April said they are likely to join President Trump's social media platform.

• 23% are very likely,
• 17% are somewhat likely,
• 11% are not very likely,
• 41% are not at all likely, and
• 9% are unsure

In February, a TIPP Poll showed that nearly one in two (49%) thought that Twitter overreacted by permanently suspending President Trump.

Twitter's move had a chilling effect on many Americans.  Many conservatives and Republicans wondered about their fate if this could happen to a sitting President.

The official position of Twitter is that it is fair and does not engage in political censorship.

At least, to most Americans, it does not seem to be the case. In the February poll, 40% thought Twitter favored liberals.  17% thought it favored conservatives, and 33% believed neither.

Our latest survey conducted in late March-early April shows that a new Trump platform will likely be a refuge for a large share of conservatives (61%), with smaller percentages of moderates (23%) and liberals (16%).

Donald Trumps Social APP likely PLatform Composition - TIPP Poll Results
Americans Likliehood to join President Trumps Social Media Platform, tippinsights, TIPP Poll Results

The platform is also likely to appeal to younger age groups; the desire to join decreases with age which may seem counterintuitive because we assume people become increasingly conservative the older they become.  Also, the platform may provide an opportunity for President Trump to reach out to younger people.

Likliehood of americans to join president trumps social media platform - TIPP - tippinsights

Will Trump's Platform Trigger Twitter Exodus?

We asked the subset of people who intend to join Trump's new platform if they would abandon Twitter. 39% are likely.  Many in this group (33%) don't have a Twitter account.

• 23% are very likely,
• 16% are somewhat likely,
• 12% are not very likely,
• 13% are not at all likely, and
• 33% do not have an account.

By ideology, Twitter cancellations look very similar.

  • 40% among conservatives,
  • 36% among moderates, and
  • 44% among liberals.

One reason for the high numbers for moderates and liberals is that they are more likely to have a Twitter account than conservatives.

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