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Safe Travels On The Cards For Many Americans

Many Americans are planning to travel this summer, which is another encouraging sign that we are putting the pandemic's dark days behind us.

American Family preparing to go camping with golden retriever in front.

Looking at the late May TIPP Poll data, one can be cautiously optimistic about America’s summer plans. With about forty percent of the population fully vaccinated and easing travel & business restrictions, we found that many have plans to travel for the summer. However, quite a few are still reluctant to do so.


  • 74% are not avoiding travel
  • 40% have summer travel plan
  • 26% are avoiding travel due to Covid-19 concerns

Here’s a look at who’s going, who’s staying, and how they plan to get to their destinations.

The TIPP Poll asked over 1300 Americans, “Thinking about travel, have you restricted or avoided making travel plans this summer because of Covid-19?

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