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Substance Dependence Increases Amid Pandemic

Physical isolation and psychological stress due to the pandemic restrictions continue to spur substance dependence across the U.S.

Marijuana being rolled into a joint

Nearly one in four in the latest TIPP Poll reported increased reliance on substances due to pandemic restrictions.

We asked, “Have you or a member of your household experienced an increase in reliance on substances (alcohol, marijuana, etc.) due to pandemic lockdowns?” Almost a quarter of the respondents stated that they turned to alcohol or drugs to cope with the situation.

  • 24% said Yes
  • 76% said No

While the increase was lowest in the Midwest, only 17%, the west of the country showed the highest rise at 32%. Some experts believe that the legalization and easy availability of cannabis could be contributing to the increased drug use in certain regions. Records show that the online sale of cannabis shot up in the first few months of the lockdown. Where recreational marijuana is legal, more people reported an increase in their dependence.

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