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Vax Resisters Share General Mistrust Of Vaccines, As Well As Safety And Efficacy Concerns

28% of Americans are “vax resisters” who don’t plan to get a COVID vaccine soon. This article explores reasons for the hesitancy. It also demonstrates the steady gain in acceptance for coronavirus vaccines in the population.

Vaccine Resistors Cartoon

28% of Americans are “vax resisters” and lack urgency to vaccinate.

tippinsights analysis shows that vax resisters share a general mistrust of vaccines and are skeptical about coronavirus vaccine safety and efficacy.

Seventy-two percent of vax resisters in our TIPP Poll conducted in early April have a general mistrust of vaccines, compared to only 18% of acceptors.  Furthermore, 69% of vax resisters are skeptical of coronavirus vaccine safety and efficacy, compared to 10% of acceptors.

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