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Over 50 Articles Later, We Feel Vindicated On Ukraine

Policy failure of the Biden administration and neocons.

With the House overwhelmingly passing a Continuing Resolution to avoid a government shutdown through January 19 - a measure that has the support of the Senate - President Biden has reluctantly agreed to sign it into law. There is no money in the bill for Ukraine - a significant departure from last year's omnibus that included nearly $45 billion. 

The Biden administration, Democrats, and leading Beltway Republicans have lobbied for $61 billion for Ukraine under an emergency supplemental. But that request is going nowhere. Speaker Mike Johnson has said he is ready to pass funding for Ukraine (amount unknown) but only if it is paired with legislation to secure the border, a non-starter for most Democrats. 

After four explosive stories in the media recently - in the Economist, Time, NBC News, and the New York Times - it is becoming increasingly clear that Ukraine is in a stalemate, and it is almost impossible for Ukraine to evict Russia from every square inch of territory lost. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed headlined 'It’s Time to End Magical Thinking About Russia’s Defeat,' proffering a new strategy: containment. If a recent Asia Times story is true, CIA Chief Burns is meeting President Zelenskyy in Kyiv to begin discussions about how to bring the war to an end.

While the corporate media has relentlessly supported the Biden administration and the West, we have consistently been critical of both the West and the media's propaganda of a war that has needlessly cost a million lives. We have always held the Russians responsible for triggering the conflict and causing untold harm to innocent Ukrainians, including committing ghastly war crimes. 

But it takes two sides to fight, and the war has directly cost Western taxpayers over $200 billion, displaced nearly 13 million Ukrainians, impoverished parts of Europe, and brought parts of the world closer to famine. The conflict brought the world dangerously close to a nuclear confrontation with Russia and has deeply divided it. All of these events were eminently avoidable. 

Our first editorial calling for peace talks was on March 6, 2022, just two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then, we have published over 50 editorials critical of every aspect of the West's conduct of the war. 

Here's a catalog of our pieces grouped into eight buckets of opinion.

Biden Administration Policy Failure

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Calling Out Zelenskyy

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Democratic Policy

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History Lesson

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Lack Of American support

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Lack Of International Support

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Media's Propagandist Coverage

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Our Advice To The GOP

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Most Read Articles

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